Fundraising for Refugees in Greece who escaped war in Syria (10.11.16)

On the 10th of November 2016, Rochdale Women’s Welfare Association organised a fundraising event for Refugees in Greece who escaped the war in Syria, as we also work with women campaigning for the rights of women around the world. We have been supporting refugees in Rochdale and some of them have had family members and friends who are living in appalling conditions that our fellow human beings fleeing war and persecution were living in.

Our fundraising event had consisted of a workshop on global issues such as refugees escaping the wars, etc. on offer was also Food stall, Henna, eyebrow threading, hand and back massaging and raffles. On the day we fundraised £1558.74 but during the following week, the total come to £3000.

The communities in Rochdale helped us to fundraise such as Central taxis, Business’s Arif cash & carry, Restaurants giving us raffle prizes.